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After receiving complaints / reports from employers or employees about arrests (Immigration or the police), CLAB authorities will open a file in respect of the arrest.

The purpose is to record the progress of the case and as a reference for the company use in future.


The procedure is as follows;


  1. Get information from the complainant in respect of employer and the person arrested (foreign workers registered with CLAB) and the one who arrest (Police / Immigration Department).

  2. Get full details about officer in-charge, - Phone numbers & branch of immigration department.

  3. Provide worker’s original passport, company’s representative letter, copies of company’s representative identity card, SSM registration certificate, Form 49 (list names of company’s directors), a copy of directors’ identity card and official approval letter of foreign workers additional quota in construction sector (To be submitted to Immigration / PDRM).

  4. Once workers are release by immigration authorities, CLAB authorities must be there to take the release letter and go to the depot custody as directed.

  5. After the released, a report will be made to record the chronology of the case and the file will be closed.

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