Process of receiving workers at KLIA Airport/KLIA2/P.Klang.

1. Notice will be received from employers on workers' arrival.

2. Schedule will be separated into 2 parts based on the location, KLIA and KLIA2.

3. Documents to be completed;

  • Calling Visa, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration approval document (Original).

  • Representative Card (original).

  • All documents stated above need to be 3 copies to submit to:

             i.   Airport Police

             ii.  Immigration Office KLIA/KLIA2

             iii.  PDRM Office

4. Immigration process when the workers are arrived.


  • Passports will be collected according to calling visas order.

  • Documents and passports are to be handed over to immigration officers 1 (PIT) to be checked and verified.

  • Biometric process will be carried out by queue.

  • The document will be submitted to PDRM office

  • Workers' baggage are to be retrieved

  • Passports will be handed over to the employer and submission letter will be signed by the employer or representative.