The guidelines by the Immigration Department stipulate that employers must take appropriate steps to exit the country.

Kindly be reminded that we could not processed further should we do not received your complete application.

Effective from 1 February 2016, Construction Labour Exchange Centre Berhad will charge RM50 for every FCL ( Foreign Construction Labour ) COM ( Check Out Memo ) application before expiry of their employment contract. Please refer below;

Payment for FCL still in working contract according to Source Country 

Indonesian          - 2 years           Thailand           - 3 years           

Pakistan              - 2 years           Cambodia        - 3 years           

Myanmar            - 3 years           Nepal                - 3 years           

India                   - 3 years           Vietnam             - 3 years           

Filiphine              - 2 years           Sri Lanka           - 3 years           

**No charge however will be applied on “unfit” worker

Should you have any queries pertaining to the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Downloaded Form

1) COM Checklist

2) COM Acknowledgement Form

3) Sample Application Letter for COM