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CLAB has issued a special identification card to facilitate closer monitoring of foreign workers in the construction industry. lt serves as a self-identity of the foreign workers employed in the construction sector.

The ldentity Card (lD Card) serves an easy viewing of the employee’s detail by scanning the QR Code on the lD card (QR Apps/ Android & Smartphone).

The lD Card is an advantage to the employees when there is any spot check by the enforcement officers. Thus proofing employees are legally employed and they can carry out their construction work in safe and secure. For permit renewal, employers are to attach:

1. Employee’s passport size photograph (with white background)

2. Current lD Card

ID Card is given for free of charge to the employee for first time registration only. RM50 will be charged to the employer due to lost/damages card.

The Advantages:

  1. As an identity card of the foreign workers

  2. To indicate employee are legally employed

  3. To indicate employee are managed by CLAB

  4. QR Code scanning contain the detail of the employee

  5. lndicates employee’s permit

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