Do we have to go to CLAB or directly to OSC- KDN if we want to request for FCL?

You can go to either one. As a guide, any request for below 100 FCL should go through CLAB, anything above that you can either bring in the FCL yourself or request through CLAB.

What is the fee imposed for the service?









How long is the application process?

Application with complete documents & payment will take approximately 5 working days for CLAB to process and another 10-15 working days of processing in JIM. Altogether, the process takes between 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Is there any minimum wages set up by CLAB for the FCL?

The minimum wage set by CLAB for a general worker is RM30 p/day. It also depends on the FCL’s skills & any mutual agreement made between FCL & contractor.

Is it compulsory for contractor to use CLAB’s biodata?

Contractor can use either CLAB’s biodata (subject to availability) or their own.