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We offer local manpower in the construction sector.

In March 2016, CLAB has been expanding its services by offering local manpower in the construction sector. Our main purpose is to assist local labour employability employment in the construction sector.


In addition, CLAB also serves to help industry players (employers) get local manpower in managing their business and help balance the local labour market and foreign labour in the construction industry.

Target group of the local manpower is the people who have work experience as well as graduate students who have completed their studies in related institutions under the supervision of neither the Government nor the private sector. Apart from that, CLAB aspires to attain the Technical And Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provisioning to meet and strengthen the industry requirements as well

Peluang Kerjaya Dalam Industri Pembinaan
Anda Mencari Pekerja Industri Pembinaan ?


  • To accommodates the skilled local manpower in the construction sector effectively

  • As a facilitator to connect the local manpower with the construction companies

  • As a hub for information gathering in construction industry