in construction, plantation, agriculture & manufacturing sector for illegal immigrant (PATI)


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Government of Malaysia has launched Recalibration Programme (Program Rekalibrasi) for illegal immigrants in the country starting from 16 November 2020 until 30 June 2021 and the government has given approval to CLAB to act as the Employer for the construction, plantation, agriculture & manufacturing industry foreign workers. We are pleased to forward the following for your attention.

a. CLAB Check List for Recalibration Programme

b. CLAB Recalibration Programme Application Form

c. CLAB Sample of Payment Advice for Recalibration Programme.

Employers who are interested to register their illegal workers are requested to complete the attached application form together with necessary documentations as listed in the Check List for Recalibration Programme.

IMPORTANT REMINDER !!  Please take note once enforcement is implemented after 30 June 2021, stern penalty will be taken against Employers caught with habouring illegal foreign workers.


a. Illegal immigrants (PATI) without Employer (with valid passport).

b. Employer who need to legalise their illegal workers (with valid passport).

c. Employer who need foreign worker

Forms can be downloaded below:

Employment Recalibration Programme:

Application Checklist:

Payment Advice Sample:

Repatriation Recalibration Programme:

Online application form for PATI (Employment Recalibration Programme):